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I was very happy and satisfied with all my interactions with Dr. Norvell, I'm excited to be able to hear. He was kind and patient and answered all my questions and concerns. Thank you for my family, who have had to repeat themselves for many years. When I got home I stood outside listening to the birds singing in the trees in my yard, beautiful!!!

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Deb Jones, on Google

The hearing test was very well done. I got an accurate reading for my hearing loss. The selection of a hearing aid was easy. No pressure. Everything explained. Very happy with the service I got.

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Michael McDevitt, on Google

Derek was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and took his time to make we understood all our options. Would highly recommend him and his company!

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Steve, on Google

I got hearing aids from Derek last year. I was having some issues recently with the app & 1 of my hearing aids. Derek explained the app & how to fix & the difference in ears & adjusted my aids accordingly. He has the best personality & cares about his customers. I would highly recommend Echo-Novell to anyone.

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sandra norris, on Google

Found Echo-Norvell by chance, and so happy we did. I talked with Derek a couple times on the phone. Told him our situation and previous experience the week prior. Derk was very kind and respectful with my mom and I. The visit was quick and easy. Thank you Derk for your honesty and professionalism.

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Barb Stevison, on Google

Highly recommend! Matt is always so helpful and is very knowledgeable! I was able to get in quickly and he knew how to resolve the problem I was having right away.

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Linde, on Google

New user of the Starkey product and a new client of Matt’s . So pleased with the time and interest he showed me to make sure I am pleased with my new aids. The functionality is awesome IF I take the time to learn.

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Charlotte Norris, on Google

Matt Starner at Echo-Norvell is very knowledgeable and professional. He explained everything very well and his expertise made it a pleasant experience. The Audibel Intrigue AI hearing aids are amazing. They are far superb to any other hearing aids that I have tried. I highly recommend Matt Starner and Echo-Norvell!

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Matt Boyd, on Google

I was very impressed and extremely satisfied with my first visit to Echo-Norvell today and my decision to purchase a hearing aid. Matt was very knowledgeable in all the advanced technology in this field. He thoroughly explained the testing of my hearing and the results. I am 83 and very very comfortable with my decision to have Echo-Norvell’s helping me. I didn’t realize how much sound and conversations I was not hearing

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Susan Hill, on Google

Having my hearing decline impacted my work, my family and endangered my safety as I was working in law enforcement then prior to my retirement. My original hearing professional had sold her business and the company moved, became less familiar to me and I was looking for a new provider when I walked into Echo-Norvell Hearing Center and met Matt Starner so I could have my hearing re-evaluated and my hearing aids assessed as well.

The first thing you realize when you stop into Echo-Norvell is the friendliness and professionalism exhibited by the staff. The second thing that impressed me was that Matt understands, he wears hearing aids, and he is cognizant of the fact that the hearing aids are expensive and he works with you so you can be in the best possible situation as far as the instruments and the costs to you.

The second thing that stands out to the customers of Echo-Norvell is the level of follow-up service you experience when or if you need service. You stop in with a problem and the staff works diligently to resolve your issue. I have never been unhappy with the service or the way I have been treated at Echo-Norvell or by Matt or any of the staff.

I consider Echo-Norvell to be friends that I can trust when I need service or when I will need to get new hearing aids. Matt and the staff treat people so very well when you are there and I highly recommend Echo-Norvell and Matt to anyone that needs hearing assistance of service. I am glad that I found this wonderful business and I am proud to refer you and my friends there without question.

Make your life better, get your hearing tested and if you need hearing aids this is the place to go!

Kelly Miller

I can’t say enough great things about Echo-Norvell! They have been so helpful with my mother, who currently resides in a nursing facility. When she lost one of her hearing aids, I contacted Derek Gorsuch, Echo-Norvell’s Hearing Instrument Specialist, and he came out that same day to get a mold of her ear to get the process started. He kept me informed throughout the whole process and worked his schedule around mine so I could be there with my mother when he brought the new hearing aid to her.

Derek is a great example of exemplary customer service. He takes pride in his work and takes such good care of his clients. He is patient, attentive and very kind, not to mention very knowledgeable about the products and services that Echo-Norvell provide their clients.

I would recommend Echo-Norvell and Derek Gorsuch to anyone in need of their services. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to your clients, like my mother. Very much appreciated!

Peggy Hall

After years of struggling with inconsistencies in my hearing aids from my past audiologist I had finally found Echo-Norvell and Matt Starner to help end all my problems. I travel 45 minutes to visit Matt for my hearing aids because I am treated like family and I get the best of the best not only in products but in customer service.

I am a Suture/Ortho Nurse at Children’s Hospital and I need to have the best equipment that allows me to be proficient at my job. For those of you who are hearing impaired you can understand how much harder it is to hear and understand small children than it is a grown adult. The way I am treated by Matt is the same way I treat my patients daily giving them the best care I can.

Any time I have any issues with my hearing aids or need an adjustment I can message Matt and within a few hours I have a response and a time to come in and get them checked out or fixed. He always gives me the time of day and answers any questions he can for me. I have even been able to troubleshoot my problems at home saving me the drive. Not every business is willing to take the time to do that.

Many ask why do I not find somewhere in Columbus to get your hearing aids? My answer is you cannot beat the customer service and the quality of the products. I do not have to worry about getting the wrong equipment or having to pay for the most expensive one because of my severe hearing loss. By severe meaning I have a 60-70% loss in both ears. Matt is straight up honest and gets me what I need within the budget I have.

If you have any type of hearing loss no matter how big or small, I encourage you to see Matt at Echo-Norvell and get the solution you need. Life is too short to go without. I of all people would know as it was not till I was about 24-25 years old that I finally got the right hearing aids that I needed to actually have a phone conversation in private. It was not until then I actually had an hour long conversation on the phone.

Whether you are looking for your first pair of hearing aids or your next pair, I recommend you see Matt Starner for the whole package. You will not be someone who just needs hearing aids but a new member of the family at Echo-Norvell. Do not go another day without getting the help you need, call in and Shelby will set up your appointment with Matt Starner to get your hearing where it should be.

Matt McCarty

I have had the privilege of working with Matt Starner and Echo-Norvell for the past eight years. I have had hearing aids since I was 15 years old and went to other places during my youth/colleges years as I did not live around the Newark area. I even went to a competitor first before finding Echo-Norvell and wasn’t treated the way I felt I should be treated. Once I found Matt I knew I had my hearing aid guy.

As I reflect on what differentiates several factors pop into mind. First, Matt handled a repair of my hearing aid that I didn’t buy from him when I first met him. His goal wasn’t to sell me something, it was to help me get hearing again. He had my best interest at heart and it was apparent. Secondly, when I did had a need for new hearing aids he listened to what I wanted first then made his professional recommendation. I have had the same pair of hearing aids for 6 years now and have had many visits into Matt’s office for cleanings and batteries. There have been several times when I have went in thinking I needed to send one of the hearing aids in for repair and he was able to fix them on the spot.

I am so impressed with Matt Starner and Echo- Norvell that I still come back to see Matt for his service even after I have moved to Mansfield over a year ago. I referred my mother who lives an hour and a half away to see Matt because of his service and professionalism. I attempted to go to another place for a quick cleaning here locally in Mansfield and was immediately put through the sales process. After I figured out what was happening I thanked them and walked out. I called Matt, he told me to come in the next day and I was taken care of and on my way. Now that is service! When I need new hearing aids again, I will only deal with Matt and the team at Echo- Norvell.

If you haven’t been to Echo-Norvell I encourage you to do so. The difference and service Matt provides will keep you walking back in the door.

Chris Hiner