Kelly Miller

Having my hearing decline impacted my work, my family and endangered my safety as I was working in law enforcement then prior to my retirement. My original hearing professional had sold her business and the company moved, became less familiar to me and I was looking for a new provider when I walked into Echo-Norvell Hearing Center and met Matt Starner so I could have my hearing re-evaluated and my hearing aids assessed as well.

The first thing you realize when you stop into Echo-Norvell is the friendliness and professionalism exhibited by the staff. The second thing that impressed me was that Matt understands, he wears hearing aids, and he is cognizant of the fact that the hearing aids are expensive and he works with you so you can be in the best possible situation as far as the instruments and the costs to you.

The second thing that stands out to the customers of Echo-Norvell is the level of follow-up service you experience when or if you need service. You stop in with a problem and the staff works diligently to resolve your issue. I have never been unhappy with the service or the way I have been treated at Echo-Norvell or by Matt or any of the staff.

I consider Echo-Norvell to be friends that I can trust when I need service or when I will need to get new hearing aids. Matt and the staff treat people so very well when you are there and I highly recommend Echo-Norvell and Matt to anyone that needs hearing assistance of service. I am glad that I found this wonderful business and I am proud to refer you and my friends there without question.

Make your life better, get your hearing tested and if you need hearing aids this is the place to go!