Chris Hiner

I have had the privilege of working with Matt Starner and Echo-Norvell for the past eight years. I have had hearing aids since I was 15 years old and went to other places during my youth/colleges years as I did not live around the Newark area. I even went to a competitor first before finding Echo-Norvell and wasn’t treated the way I felt I should be treated. Once I found Matt I knew I had my hearing aid guy.

As I reflect on what differentiates several factors pop into mind. First, Matt handled a repair of my hearing aid that I didn’t buy from him when I first met him. His goal wasn’t to sell me something, it was to help me get hearing again. He had my best interest at heart and it was apparent. Secondly, when I did had a need for new hearing aids he listened to what I wanted first then made his professional recommendation. I have had the same pair of hearing aids for 6 years now and have had many visits into Matt’s office for cleanings and batteries. There have been several times when I have went in thinking I needed to send one of the hearing aids in for repair and he was able to fix them on the spot.

I am so impressed with Matt Starner and Echo- Norvell that I still come back to see Matt for his service even after I have moved to Mansfield over a year ago. I referred my mother who lives an hour and a half away to see Matt because of his service and professionalism. I attempted to go to another place for a quick cleaning here locally in Mansfield and was immediately put through the sales process. After I figured out what was happening I thanked them and walked out. I called Matt, he told me to come in the next day and I was taken care of and on my way. Now that is service! When I need new hearing aids again, I will only deal with Matt and the team at Echo- Norvell.

If you haven’t been to Echo-Norvell I encourage you to do so. The difference and service Matt provides will keep you walking back in the door.